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Part NumberDescriptionPrice

Hagon rear shocks, chrome springs. Lengths – (11.4”,11.9” centres)£100 PR
K453/4Doherty inch levers chrome, ball end, no adjuster K453/4£25.00 PR
110044/30Renold 110044 1/2” x 3/16” Renold cranked, half links£2.00

 (Shortnut) Square/Spade – Venhill chronometric speedo cable 2ft 1 inches long£7.50
57-4879/4891Trident T160 Triumph outer gearbox cover, 57-4879/57-4891£49.50
P197P197 tool mobylette clutch/flywheel extractor£4.00
WW83123WW 83123 1” universal twist grip£7.50

Tecalemit brass 4” oiler/gun£7.95
3501235012 Lucas round flasher unit box£4.00
458876Triumph twin pre-unit mag pick up assys (Screw on) (Complete)£5.00
00-0009Harris T140 Paoli rear shock absorber seal kit£4.50
29-2196C10, C10L, C11, C11G, C12 crank pin£15.00
29-3284C10/C11 3 speed mainshaft selector fork£7.50
29-3286C10/C11 3 speed layshaft selector fork£7.50
29-3303C10 3 speed pawl spring £2.00
37-374152T, 5 hole, 5/8 x1/4” conical rear sprocket£15.00
40-7006BSA C15 rear brake lever (Points on side models)£29.50
57-3643Trident needle roller£9.50
65-4890BSA, B31 etc rigid left footrest£10.00
65-9171Stainless steel polished, rocket goldie speedo/tacho bracket£15.00
70-3552Tri pre-unit alloy head, rocket base gasket. (Wire inserts) TR6, T110, T120£1.00
70-3822Fixed breather disc static 350/500 Triumph£2.00
70-5008Triumph 650cc thick valve cup£3.00
70-9382BSA B25 tacho drive gear£5.00
71-1138A65 1970/71, top half only, oil pump body£10.00
71-1165B25 etc valve top cap£3.00
71-1406Flywheel bolt, 1969 TRI 650 CEI thread, recessed head£3.00
71-26641972-74) Primary ch/case distance collar, T100TRI£3.00
82-8627A75 and X75 oil cap£9.50
82-99451969 TR25W low level silencer bracket£6.50
83-3231 (82-9383)Triumph Trident T150 chain guard£75.00
83-5976T160 L/H footrest (rubber mount)£13.50
83-5977T160 R/H footrest (rubber mount)£13.50
90-0010 (97-0826)6203 Hoffman bearing£3.00
90-4805Bantam D1/D3 front footrest rubbers£5.00 PR
404449Rotar arm 1931-35 MNIE£15.00
45449522T mag/dyno gear£8.50
454496KIF slip ring M20, ZB31 etc£15.00
470187Royal Enfield pre-war E3HB Dynamo contact£5.00
470188Royal Enfield pre-war E3HB Dynamo contact£5.00
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
71-1350Trident Timing Cover Gasket£1.00
71-1444Trident Sump Gasket£0.50
66-3133B31 BSA Long G/Box Layshaft Bush£9.50
70-6907 + 0205TA TR1 Pistons (7:1 Compression)£69.50pr
70-7603 StdT 100P Pistons (7:5:1 Compression)£69.50pr
70-9384BSA Starfire tachometer blanking plate£4.95
KS9 Kickstart SpringRoyal Enfield 1936-54 G,CO, G2 350 Bullet / J + J2 500cc, 5T Twin + Meteor£2.00
KS27 Kickstart SpringRoyal Enfield 1955 500cc Bullet, 5T Twin, Meteor Minor, Constellation and Interceptor£2.00
Bonneville gold on black side panel badge 1979 onwards. £10.00
70-7018/91966-68 Thruxton Bonnie Valve Spring Set£10.00
70-3964Tiger Cub Valve Spring Cup (Not Std T20)£2.00
70-3301Tiger Cub Valve Spring Top Cap (All Models)£2.00
54-3008Triumph Tina Kickstart Lever£10.00
70-9809BSA A65 (1969 – 72) Timing Pinion Idler Bush£3.00
65-8228Black/Gold Round Plastic BSA Petrol Tank Badges£15.00 pr
3870/11050+ 10 650 Triumph Piston Ring Sets£10.00 set
9054-53Black Genuine Girling Springs 7.7″ Free Length, 100lbs£12.00 pr
9054-64Black Genuine Girling Springs 8.78″ Free Length, 45lbs£12.00 pr
9054-66Black Genuine Girling Springs 9.69″ Free Length, 78lbs£12.00 pr
64532786Black Genuine Girling Springs 8.21″ Free Length, 110lbs£12.00 pr

Universal Red or Gold Cable Wrap£0.50

WM O Dunlop Security Bolts£1.00

Ariel Arrow K/Start (Imperfections)£7.50
82-4047Most Triumph /BSA Oil Tank Cork Washer£0.20

Amal Concentric Double Banjo’s (Angled)£0.75
A43120-230-000Honda CD175 Brake Shoes Rear£3.00 Pair

Spoke Key Set (3)£2.50

L5 Champion Spark Plug£1.00
27-4027LS11 Bearing£3.00

Chrome Custom Footpegs, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki£7.50 Pair
CO35Honda Clip Ons (John Tickle)£5.00 Pair

Large Custom Finned Exhaust Pipe Clamps 13/8″£7.50

AJS/Matchless Front Number Plate Posts£0.50
Lucas (Gen) 82305Tri/Nor Etc Ignition Switch Diodes£2.50

Tri Trident Asbestos Head Gasket£2.00
71-3671Tri T140/TR7 Inlet + Exhaust Tappet Inspection Cover£2.00
97-4035Tri/BSA Oil in Frame Conical Hub Type Top Fork Yoke£15.00
99-0873BTri Unit 500 Owner Handbook 1966/7 UK Handbook£3.00
40-4733 + 82-3097Tri 1950-66 Side Stand Pivot Bolt (Also B25,B44,TR25W)£2.00
70-9512Tri Unit 500 Push Rod Tube 1970/1£7.50
82-4093Tri Cub Brake Rod S/Arm (19 1/2″ x 3/16″) Models£3.00
R10280Tri Tiger 90/3TA Std Piston Ring Set£10.00
CP123/VS508Tri Cub Heavy Duty Valve Spring Set£12.50 set
71-1063Tri 650cc 1969-72 Inlet Cam Shaft (slightly soiled)£25.00
70-3108 /17TTri Pre-Unit Alt Engine 17T Sprockets£10.00
82-4215Triumph 1959 ON 3TA /5TA. Etc. R/H Front Footrests£10.00
82-7375Triumph T100 Unit 1967-74 Swinging Arm£30.00
71-1230BSA B25 + B44 +015 Bronze Exhaust Valve Guide up to 1970£5.00
71-3320BSA/Tri 250cc Inlet +015 Bronze Valve Guide 1971 on£5.00
71-3321BSA/Tri 250cc Exhaust +002 Bronze Valve Guide 1971 on£5.00
82-4770Triumph Pre Unit Duplex Tank Rubber£2.00
82-4655 / 82-4917Triumph Pre Unit Duplex Stainless Steel Petrol Tank Strap£7.50
82-4657Triumph Pre Unit Duplex Tank Strap Rubber£9.00
70-9494Tri Daytona 1969 0n 6207 Bearing Crankshaft Timing Side£7.50
71-1229BSA/B25 +B44 +002 Bronze Exhaust Valve Guide up to 1970£5.00

Japanese 114 x 428 Rear Chain£10.00

Japanese 96 + 102 x 525 Rear Chain£7.50
40-4716BSA B40 + BSA C15 Centre Stand Spring (1958-66)£3.25
41-3209/57-2715BSA B44 + BSA B25 Clutch Spider£19.50
66-3079BSA M20/21 K/ST Ratchet Pinion£6.50
57-3868BSA Bantam B175 Fixed Pedal Large Hole Kicksart£9.50
29-7583/82-9051BSA Short Pillion Rubber. Large Square Hole£1.00
68-3220BSA A65 4 Spring Clutch Centres (1962-65)£20.00
40-8085/82-9064B25, TR25W Etc. Tank Centre Rubber£1.00
70-8112/68-661/V255BSA A50 (66-70) Inlet Valve Also TR25W/B25 1968-/71£5.00
3660 HepoliteBSA B31 Std Piston Ring Sets£7.50
29-2124V11BSA C11, C11G, C12 Inlet Valve£5.00
57-1718Triumph Narrow 3TA 3 Spring Clutch Centres (1964-66 only)£12.50
70-6867,+010″,+020″,+30″11:1 650cc Triumph Pistons£69.50 pair
57-1631Layshaft 3rd gear 24T close ratio Triumph 500cc£10.00
70-68891968-70 trident T150 oil pump gear£5.00

Triton Tank and Side Panel Decals (set 4) Light Blue£4.50 set

TRIBSA Tank and side Panel Decals (set 4) Rusty Red£4.50 set
82-9048 and 40-4818B25, B44 Splined Footrest Washer£1.00
6300ZNachi Bearing (Shielded One Side)£1.50
3630 StdBSA A7 1947-50 Std Hepolite Ring Sets£9.50

“Crystal” lapel Badges Norton, Norton Commando, Ariel, Matchless, Royal Enfield, Velocette, Sunbeam, Rickman Metisse, Brough Superior, N.V.T, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, Bultaco, Motoguzzi, Garelli, Jawa, Derbi, Ducati, Beta, Puch, Laverda, Aspes, Simson, Montessa, MV Augusta, Weslake, Ace, Silverstone, Brands Hatch.50p
71-7182Exhaust Camshaft£30.00
14-1307TRI T140 Rear Wheel Spindle Lock Nut 5/8 UNF£0.50
64054406Triumph Tina Girling Shock Absorber T10 only£20.00 each
WEW 136Husqvarna Front Brake Cable (silver)£3.00
WEW 138Husqvarna Throttle Cable 36mm Carb (silver)£3.00
5733Mobylette Front Brake Cable Std + De / luxe (silver)£3.00
7000/AFMascot Open End 1/4-3/4 AF Open End Spanner Set of 5£3.50

Japanese 96 x 530 Rear Chain£10.00
82-3450Tiger Cub R/H Front Footrest£12.50
70-9800Vented Chaincase Cap 1969/70 B25 etc£1.00
70-3971Tiger Cub Rotor Nut£2.75
70-45651964-70 650 Tri Timing Pinion Nut£1.00
60-25961971 B25SS Small 60mm Rubber Speedo Cup£3.50
57-05306203 SKF + Hoffman Bantam Main Bearing£3.00
99-09961974 T150V USA Owners Handbook£3.00
90-5307BSA Bantam Dio Sports R/H Headlamp Bracket 14 1//2″ long£5.00
21-20941971 B25 etc Long Front Footrest Bolt 12″ long£4.25
82-9686Rocket 3 Front Footrest Rubber (no logo)£4.50pr
71-1428(pkt 10) B25/B44 2 Stud Oil Pump Gaskets£1.00
70-6908Std 3TA Pistons£69.50pr
TVT-14Norman Hyde set of 6 high strength push rods for T150-A75£50.00
70-6884Std TR1 Daytona Pistons (bare, no rings or pins)£60.00 pr
70-6884+10+10 TR1 Daytona Pistons (bare, no rings or or pins)£60.00 pr
407050D1 BSA Bantam LUCAS Points£5.00
54440887Royal Enfield Constellation Lucas Points 1961-62 (Also Enfield Interceptor 63-66)£7.00
376/100Amal Main Jets Sizes 50-95. Also over 400£1.50

Norton Small Sew On Wings£1.00
400051Lucas DKX2A Distributor Rotor Arm Fits Royal Enfield Meteor Minor + Super Meteor. Also All Scotts.£13.95
71-4619TR1 750 Bonnie, 10 stud composite head gasket£6.00
71-33491973 only – T140 75mm standard pistons50.00 pr
83-7392T140D USA seat cover C/W fittings£20.00
57-191718T unit 650 TR1 5/8″x3/8″ g/box sprocket£12.50
42-00891/2″x/5/16″ 17T B31 engine sprocket (alternator models only)£10.00
90-0120Bantam (D1-D7) 17T tapered front engine sprocket£8.50
16230STD +20,+30,+40,+60, 1960 only, AJS 18CS ring sets (86mm)£7.50
391561958 -63 Royal Enfield Clipper + Crusader inlet valve, V147£5.00
400861955-59 Enfield Bulet, also 1958-63 350cc Enfield Clipper inlet valve, V153£5.00